Friday, August 14, 2015

17 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #2

How far along?  17 weeks
Total weight gain/measurements: Not sure, I guess we shall see in a little over a week since we don't have a scale at home.
Maternity clothes: Absolutely. Almost everything I wear is a maternity item.
Stretch marks: No new ones! Still using Bio-Oil in the morning and Palmer's Cocoa Butter at night.
Sleep: Has been awful while in San Diego. I kept waking up with my hips killing me. I did sleep amazing last night in our bed at home with my Bump Nest Pregnancy Pillow.I think I only woke up once and I was soooo comfy.
Best moment this week: Being in San Diego! I absolutely loved it out there and would go back in a heartbeat. Before we left I told Tim I didn't want to leave. Maybe we can go back some day just the two of us. It was also in the mid 70s while we were there which has really put me in the mood for fall! Anyone else?
Miss anything? Sleeping in my bed with my wonderful pillow. I leave tonight for another bachelorette party in Nashville. Would it be wrong if I took my pillow with me?
Movement: Nothing really this week.
Food cravings: Bagels and butter popcorn with salt.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Walking by the raw meat at the supermarket. I make Tim go get any raw meat we need. I can't stand the smell!
Gender: We don't know yet but Tim and I both think we are having a boy.
Labor signs:None!
Symptoms: Sore boobs, peeling nails, and feeling tired a lot.
Belly button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy for the most part, unless I'm hungry. Then I get HANGRY!!!!
Looking forward to: Bachalorette party this weekend then relaxing at home the rest of the week. Oh and getting my hair colored on Tuesday with a more fall-ish color. A little nervous since I have mostly stuck to being blond so hopefully I'll like it.

And here is a comparison when I was pregnant with Harper and now with baby #2!

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