Thursday, May 29, 2014

34 Weeks!

How far along: 34 weeks
Gender: Girl
Weight gain: 33 lbs.
Maternity clothes: All maternity clothes and some large t-shirts
Stretch marks: Yes, on my hips, under my belly button, and chest.
Belly button in or out: Flush with my stomach. I don't think it will pop out.
Sleep: OK, getting more tired through out the day too. I woke up 3 times last night to go to the restroom. I can't wait to have control over my bladder again.
Best moment this week: Going to IKEA and getting the dresser I have been drooling over. I'm glad we have one more thing to check off the list before baby girl gets here!
Miss anything: Being able to shave my leg and paint me toes comfortably. It is hard to maneuver  around this big belly. It will be nice to have my body back to myself in a few short weeks.
Movement: Lots of movement and she gets the hiccups every day. I have been noticing a pattern during the last couple weeks of when she moves around. Maybe those patterns will continue even after she is born.
Cravings: All things sweet!  Cereal, milk, blueberry bagels with strawberry cream cheese and pineapple!
Looking forward to: My last day of work! Next Friday I will be resigning from State Farm and be staying home with our little girl. I have always wanted to stay at home with my future kids until they are in school. I am so happy that I will be able to have that opportunity and Tim is on board with it all :) Also baby girl and I may be able to travel with Tim on his long business trips instead of being home alone.

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