Tuesday, June 3, 2014

35 Weeks!!!!!

How far along: 35 weeks
Gender: Girl!
Weight gain: 33 + lbs. 
Maternity clothes: All maternity clothes and some large t-shirts
Stretch marks: Unfortunately.
Belly button in or out: Flush with my stomach. 
Sleep: OK, it would be nice to not have to wake up in the middle of the night. The last couple days I have been wide awake at 5 AM. I wish I could sleep in.
Best moment this week: Going to the pool! I'm hoping to be able to go every day during the week this month. Get as much sunshine as I can before baby girl gets here.
Miss anything: A yummy margarita would be perfect with this weather! I was able to find a mix without alcohol that was delicious but it would be nice to have some tequila in there ;)
Movement: Lots of movement! She had a huge role over the other day which made her pop out of my stomach pretty far! Freaky baby!!! One of my friends asked if it hurts when she moves. The answer is no, however it has become more uncomfortable as she moves around since she is running out of room in there.
Cravings: All things sweet!  Cereal, milk, blueberry bagels with strawberry cream cheese, nachos and pineapple! Today I am having a huge craving for chips (not potato) and caffeine free coke. I'm hoping Tim will pick some up on his way home from his meeting!
Looking forward to: My last day of work on Friday! Two more days!!!! 

Tim leaves Friday for the Ozarks. I'll be doing a lot of baby stuff this next week to occupy my time. We finally have all the furniture we need in the nursery so now I can place it where I want it and start putting up the alphabet letters and picture frames on the wall. I'll also be getting our hospital bags packed so we can be ready for the big day instead of running around like chickens with our heads cut off when I go into labor. We are getting close! Hopefully 5 weeks left and fingers crossed I don't go into labor next week while Time is out of town!!!!

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